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Cooking With Linux: Build Your Own Social Network With Friendica: The Tuesday Linux Journal Show

Today, we’re going to install an open source alternative to Facebook. Sound like fun? It’s called Friendica and all you need to know to do it yourself is here. Join me for some live Cooking With Linux where I experiment with some tasty Free and Open Source Software, including Linux, entirely without a net. You can spend time with me, enjoy a glass of whatever pleases you, and watch me fall on my face. This is live, so no chance for me to edit out the bits where it didn’t work, like I do with my normal YouTube videos. Also, you can join me in chat, ask questions, and chat with others. Today, at noon. That’s 12:00 pm Eastern time. main site : Friendica github download : Linux Journal : My YouTube Channel : Support me on Patreon :

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