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Why Social Media Is Better Than Traditional Advertising

Once as you create a Facebook account and set up your own page, this social networking site offers an amazing option of advertising through them, which reaches billions of potential customers for your business. Facebook for business is a widely used marketing strategy now for all sorts of products and services. Using your Facebook page and understanding the tips and tricks of how to advertise on Facebook and manage your promotions well, your business can reach new heights.

Facebook Ads are usually paid messages from businesses, similar to that we get from our friends and contacts and these message can include social context about friends. It is inferred that the people who like your page spend an average of 2 times more as your customers than people who are not connected to you in the network. You just need to choose the page you want to promote with your ad and under the ‘What would you like to do?’ session you can see;

•  Get More Page Likes: You can reach people who are not connected to your page. You will be asked to design your ad by adding text and image and headlines.
•  Promote Page Posts: You can promote a specific post, provided your increased reach and thereby increasing your chance of being placed in the news feed.
•  Advanced Options: Here you can see all the bidding options at one place. You can choose your bidding options between CPM (Cost Per Mille) and CPC (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

Tips on setting up an Ad
Getting the right audience: You should have a clear idea about your target group. Once after setting up your Facebook sponsored ads and sponsored stories, you have the option to choose the specific target audience for your ad. The estimated audience size shows the number of people your ad will reach based on your bid and budget. The option of selecting the geographic location, gender, and age also gives you an opportunity to pinpoint your target group and set a perfect ad plan.

Test Multiple Ads: Running different version of ads will help you to determine which one your target audience will respond more to. For an example, different images or graphics can be tested over the same customer group and see the responses to decide which version works the best. While multiple ads are being run in a campaign, Facebook’s featured option will automatically allocate more of your daily budget to the most regarded ads.

Now once you set up you ad, it is also very important to monitor the performance of your ads using the Ads Manager option. This will help you out in knowing the responses of the audience and plan the best way possible to spend your budget.

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