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Why Companies Need Enterprise Social Networking


Two essential things that each one of us considers prior to joining a new company are its ability to innovate and stay on the top and its culture.. Mulling on this line of thought, an enterprise social network has gained prominence in an organization today. The main reason why many organizations establish such a network in the workplace is to be able to reach out to its employees, bring in a culture of innovation and make achieving business objectives easier. Hence, if you want to adopt an enterprise social network, defining these set of objectives is a great place to begin.


Benefits of an Enterprise Social Network

There are a host of benefits that accrues to a company from enterprise social networks. Some of them are listed below:-

An enterprise social network (also referred to as business social network)

Enables employees to establish stronger bonds with their colleagues and business associates.

Enables the management to recognize employee contributions in a better manner and showcase the best performers.

Provides the employees a place to voice out their thoughts and ideas, and get heard,  thereby creating an active feedback mechanism.

Makes the use of emails and business meetings more judicious.

Enables sharing knowledge and essential information De-silos data and offers better awareness of what others are working on

Encourages innovation

Flattens the enterprise


With social intranet fast gaining importance, enterprise social network too have been gaining significant importance. In order to set up one in your enterprise you need to recognize a business section along with its scope and challenges. You can start by addressing the most crucial challenges and also take into account the business units posed with biggest scopes or even hindrances. Then you can go on to identifying one or more methods that help the team to deal with their work in a better manner. Another essential action is to monitor and track with the appropriate metrics. The traditional web metrics can often be deceptive and ambiguous, when you are analyzing the enterprise social network. Not many social business software does the work efficiently and accurately. The total number of page views, log-ins, and other activity stages comprise essential data but only imply whether the roll-out is aptly planned or not. If the activity levels are less then it would indicate that you have to take into consideration the groups on the platform and analyze the role they are executing. One of the most preferred method for evaluating the ROI on the enterprise social network is by having a long-run view of the business, such as increase response time to customers, faster sales cycles, faster rollout of campaigns, better clarity of information and actions etc.



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