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I have: *NEW* Instagram: @The.QTAngel and @_qtangel_ Ask: QTAngel_AJ ( deviantART: QTAngelAJ ( Email: Facebook: Angel Jam ( Kik (texting app): QTAngel_AJ Skype: QTAngel. Tumblr: QTAngelAJ ( Twitter: @QTAngel_AJ ( Twitch: QT_Angel ( Games I play/Have Played in the Past: Animal Jam (AJ): QTAngel Chicken Smoothie: QTAngel Club Penguin (CP): Annie12297 + QTAngel Free Penguin (FP): QTAngel Fantage: QTAngel Transformice: QTAngel Wizard101: QTAngel3 Enjoy! QTAngel

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