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The HTC Desire is a popular smartphone thanks to its outstanding spec list which cuts no corners and provides the technology to excel at any task you throw at it. Social networking is one of the major aspects smartphone usage these days, with ever more impressive features being added to new phones to make the task simpler, more convenient and more enjoyable.

The HTC Desire HD has a feature called FriendStream, which is on hand to simplify the user’s social networking experience. It combines the feeds from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so you can view them all on one handy interface rather than have to constantly sign in and out of individual accounts.

Setting up the FriendStream app on the HTC Desire HD is easy. You simply select one of the 7 available homescreens which are provided by the highly customisable HTC Sense user interface. You then simply hold down the screen and a list of available widgets will be displayed. You then select FriendStream and it will automatically be installed on the screen. It is then a case of selecting which social networks you would like to receive feeds from and signing into them. All the updates from your friends, family and colleagues will then be displayed on the FriendStream app as they happen. This is an innovative approach which is typical of HTC, as they are constantly adding new tweaks and refinements to their handsets and apps to make everyday use that little bit more convenient. The FriendStream app of course allows users to update their status right in the app. Again, this eliminates the need to sign into individual accounts.

Along with FriendStream and the standalone Facebook application, HTC Peep is also included as standard with the HTC Desire HD. This is the dedicated Twitter application. The explosion in the popularity of “tweeting” has meant that this feature has been welcomed with open arms by countless users. It allows you to control your entire Twitter account within the interface. There is a feed of all the Twitter users that you are following so you can catch their latest updates, as well as the ability to update your own status. To do this, simply tap the bar at the top of the screen and the on screen QWERTY keyboard will open, allowing you to type your message and share it with the world instantly.

Social networking looks like it is here to stay and HTC has done a great job of providing the tools to make it simple to take part and stay in touch. The HTC Desire HD is the perfect handset for these features with its large screen and ample processing power. FriendStream and HTC Peep get the thumbs up all round thanks to their convenience and ease of use.

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