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Top 5 Social Media Tips For Driving More Business

Top 5 social media tips that can help you attract more customers. Here is how to build and grow your social media presence for your business. Share whats working for you in our comments section. Check out our blog on this topic and find other helpful marketing strategies we share. 1 out of every 5 minutes online is spent on social networking? That social media interaction gives you a huge opportunity to amp up brand awareness and recognition, and attract more new business. Tip 1: Use the social platforms that make the most sense for your customers. Tip 2: Post frequently. Nothing kills your social media success faster than a stagnant profile. Tip 3: Take the time to respond to comments. Tip 4: Run ads and sponsored posts for greater exposure and audience targeting. Organic posts just dont get the amount of exposure for your business that you need to make a significant impact on attracting new customers. Tip 5: Track your results, how many people are seeing your posts and ads, how theyre interacting with them, and even the type of audience youre reaching. Now its time to put these 5 social media tips to use! Share whats working for you on social media in the comments and follow Scorpions video blog for more helpful marketing tips.

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