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Top 10 Social Networking Sites in 2013


Android mobile application development is and easy as Google Android is based upon the open source operating system. The operating system is flexible and resourceful for social networking application development. The greatest advantage to the mobile users is that social networking applications are available for free to the android mobile users.

Android mobile application development enables user to stay connected with friends and family, go social at anytime of the day and have fun with friends online. Smartphone users have an advantage to enjoy the various social networking sites always.

Facebook: most popularly used social networking site. Android mobile application development has explored the various aspects of Google android mobile and has come-up with android based Facebook app. Android application development has enabled users to maintain their social circle and expand it gradually with friends and acquaintance. Facebook is a popular source to derive income from ads through mobile phones also.

LinkedIn: Linked is popular amongst the professionals who love to connect within their corporate circle and stay connected with colleagues in the organization and outside. LinkedIn is a great form of social networking application development. It is available as free app from apps store. Android mobile users have an added advantage of downloading the app for free.

Twitter: Official app of Twitter is much better in comparison with previous version with easier navigation, all-new layout, and faster photo uploading. Twitter is used by android mobile users to tweet, read, send messages directly and upload and manage photos and videos. Twitter promotes easy friend-searching on the Web. Stay connected with everyone you know with small and regular tweets.

Droidin: One of the simplest social networking apps to work properly. It is easy to use, fast in operations and has beautiful navigation. Android mobile users check their LinkedIn updates, post new updates and invite and search people whom they know. They can add people from same professional profile. Droidin is a must application for corporate world.

Foursquare: A unique social networking application development to enable people to know about the place they are in. Android mobile users download this social networking app for free and enable people to find best places like hotels, medical hospitals, interesting places, eating-joints and more. Foursquare is more like a tour-guide in the form of social networking app. Android mobile users should  download this app for free and maintain it essentially when they are going on a trip to click, upload and share photos, know about the place they are visiting and enjoy the trip with complete information.


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