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The Importance Of Using Social Media Marketing Correctly

VIP List When it comes to building a business on Social Media, there are specifics that can set you apart from the masses. Many people put their links on their page & profiles that just offer an opportunity to join their business or buy a product. The best practice to use in social media is to offer value to educate people and share concepts that positioned a marketer as a authority instead of a salesman. To Grab a free training on the correct Facebook etiquette to use to prevent getting banded go here Most network marketers don’t know the term native marketing & therefore fail to create curiosity when posting in social media. In this video we share some awesome statistics that will encourage you to learn the proper way to market to create leads, sales & clients. 01:15 Using the Proper etiquette in social Media 02:15 Know your correct Target Audience 03:05 names of the most used social media Platforms 03:46 “Curator” defined 04:35 Incorrect tactics 05:45 2012 Facebook Statistics 07:05 Why Get in front of Your Perfect Avatar 08:20 Instagram Statistics 09:05 The amount of languages on Youtube 10:20 Why people come to social media Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and leave some comments and feedback. Connect with us Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @ Follow us on Instagram @

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