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Sue Koch Social Media Success Catalyst – Speaker Reel 2018

Sue Koch is the woman that never stops. For her, true success is when a person can use their knowledge and experience to bring success to othersand for Sue that means MANY others! After a unique career that spanned Technical Project Director and Senior VP of Ops, she found her passion and success at her private Social Media education firm, that she founded in 2009. Sue guides companies of all sizes through the complexities of social media marketing and aids them in developing the strategies needed to thrive in an intensely competitive business environment. Its truly where her heart lies and it shows. One of the most sought out leaders and speakers in her industry, Sue has traveled the country sharing her talents with companies such as Oracle, Accenture, and The American Marketing Association. Her unique ability to make social media easy to understand allows her to connect and engage at all levels of an organization and across generations. One client at a time, Sue stops random acts of social media by providing strategic, practical and compelling solutions. With her years of experience, Sue can artfully manage keynotes for an executive group of a thousand and shift gears and guide breakout groups of multiple age and skill levels. You want Sue on your stage.

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