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Step by Step: How to Become a Social Media Manager! – Signup with Rachel Pedersen for just $1 and get immediate access to the complete training for Social Media Managers Rachel Pedersen shares the journey from a stressed out employee in a corporate job to becoming a successful social media manager. This video explains how Rachel Pedersen found the keys to success as a freelance social media manager, scaled her agency, and created a life of financial freedom! She explains how she wanted a mentor, templates, help learning how to create a proposal, so she created the exact systems to help others. The 7 Day Trial for Full Access to Social Media University: Rachel Pedersen’s story: Rachel Pedersen went from a corporate employee (wife and mother, too!) to a full-time social media manager, scaling her agency, hiring employees, and working with top clients! She has traveled the United States speaking, teaching, learning, and meeting with clients – and still practices what she teaches to others. Since 2016 Rachel has also led and trained hundreds of social media managers to grow their own clientele and achieve success. 100’s of social media managers are securing clients, growing, and scaling their own businesses through Rachel’s Social Media University. Join now for just $1 to get full access to Social Media University:

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