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Start DESIGNING your own SOCIAL MEDIA posts Adobe Spark

Subscribe HERE: & Instagram: —— In this tutorial and review I’m gonna show of the awesome social media design app called ADOBE SPARK. Easily create your own instagram stories, snapchat stories, facebook posts, posters, whatever social graphics you’d want! It’s a very easy application to use, hands on and just play with it! You’ll quickly learn how to use the adobe spark app on your mobile phone or tablet OR just using the website. They also updated with BRANDED CONTENT!! just upload your own logo, fonts & color scheme with the premium features! —– —— PRESETS & LUTS: Get your own GNARBOX here: ______________________________________________________ MAIN GEAR My camera: MOST used lens: Wide lens: Zoom lens: Tripod: GNARBOX: Drone: Gopro: Most used mount: Gimbal: Mic: Lavelier mic: Stabiliser: __________________________________

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