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Sphere ICO – Social Activity Token (SAT) – Decentralized Social Network

Click For More Info Get 5 USD (100 Tokens) When You Sign Up & Verify Your Email When A Friend Signs Up Using Your Unique Link, You Also Get 100 Tokens Sphere ICO – Social Activity Token (SAT) – Decentralized Social Network 20 SAT = $1 USD At The Initial Coin Offering Social Activity Token (SAT) Connects Businesses & People Sphere is built on the idea that privacy, company transparency & data security should be the fundamental building blocks of every social platform. Sphere is an already existing product on the Google Play Store & the web. The iOS app will be released soon Connect your Sphere account wallet to your Sphere debit card to spend your Sphere tokens as fiat currency anywhere in the world Add the convenience of Visa’s infrastructure so you can use the tokens as fiat currency almost anywhere in the world With every click, with every social connection & every loaded page you can earn serious cash as we build a better decentralized social network together, taking back the power & profits With Sphere’s decentralized social network, all of your personal browsing & search engine results are privately secured & stored away from the prying eyes of advertisers. And if they want a peek, they have to pay you! Be part of Spheres historic Initial Coin Offering by being the first in the world to hold Social Activity Tokens (SAT)

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