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Some Popular Social News Broadcast Websites and Their Design Layout

Most of the people must be aware of what a website is, but all those who surf the internet may not know what a social new website is. A social new website is a collection of links that when clicked upon display the social event that is submitted on the internet by different users. The different types of links are segregated on the basis of the content it displays. The segregation or sorting may be done through the votes of the visitors or the algorithm that is applied through the social new website. As a consequence of this the most popular links that interest most of the website visitors feature on the top of the list of the links.

Nowadays there are different social news websites. Their designs also vary. Some of the most popular social news websites along with a comparison of their design are as follows.

• Reddit:
The design layout of Reddit is a bit different from that of Digg. The content especially the headlines are in the limelight. All the content of the story except the headline is minimized. This allows the visitor of the website to scan through the headlines as fast as possible and click on the one that interests them the most. Description field is absent in Reddit. As a consequence of this the space occupied by the story is minimized. This allows more stories to be exhibited on the monitor screen.

• Digg
Among the social news websites on the internet, Digg is quite famous. The features of this website are very unique and user friendly. The design and the layout are so comfortable for the visitors that it is usually mimicked by other social news websites. The layout of Digg has two columns. The left column displays the story list while the right column displays the stuff that can be considered extra. One can expect the list of top 10 stories to be in the right column. The different categories of the stories are displayed on the top of the website. The controls for sorting this list of categories are displayed under this list display. The user is facilitated with options to sort the categories on the basis of interest and those that are latest to be added on the list.

• Propeller
The layout of Propeller has two columns and very similar to that of Digg. The left column has the list of stories while the right column has a list of stories that have received the highest number of comments. The right column may also have the list of the latest tweets. Each story in the Propeller is separated by a horizontal line. The background is striped like the skin of zebra. This helps in scanning the information. The zebra striping helps in keeping a track of the relevant row especially when there are multiple columns.

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