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… … — Subscribe: Subscribe (2nd Channel): Daily Deal: Get course coupons delivered to your email: CREDIT: ============================= KNOWLEDGE BASE EDUCATION ============================= – the main Knowledge Base site – free tutorial videos that teach game development, programming, SQL, and other technical skills – see all of our courses on one page Discounts on our courses – ============================= CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE BASES ============================= – 53,000+ free books from the beginning for printing to the early 20th century – free cult movies including classics like Reefer Madness, Carnival of Souls, and The Little Shop of Horrors – growing library of free audio books including classic authors like Mark Twain and classic works like Pride and Predjuce ============================= LEGAL KNOWLEDGE BASES ============================= – 1 million+ real contracts from Fortune 500 companies – 3 million+ judicial opinions and court decisions from United States courts – 100,000+ judicial opinions from Hong Kong courts in English and Chinese. – 200,000+ judicial opinions and administrative rulings from India in English – full text of the entire U.S. code of laws from 1994 to the present – Canadian judicial opinion database – Filipino judicial opinion database – full text of US state law codes and administrative regulations ============================= POLITICAL KNOWLEDGE BASES ============================= ============================= NEW COURSES ============================= – business and legal course for game developers from the start of your indie studio to the release of your game – business and legal course for programmers and app developers to start their own studios or freelancing career THE PACKAGE legal templates for creatives and developers – All new courses – ============================= SOCIAL MEDIA ============================= Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Useful stuff:

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