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Social (SCL) – ICO – Decentralized Social Network & Marketplace Almost 2.5 billion people on Earth use some form of social networking. Account data is harvested, and accessed by large corporations every day. Nexus is a new generation of social network. All data and uploads will exist on the blockchain instead of centralized servers. Nexus is a feature rich platform that allows you to communicate with friends and family in multiple different and unique ways, while providing state-of-the-art security and privacy. The network will contain its very own native cryptocurrency to be used for all purchases, called Social. SCL can be used to buy goods and services from other users, purchase ad spaces from the integrated ad platform, donate to crowd funding campaigns, and much more. Nexus will create a gateway between Social coins and the real world by offering an instant access debit card that can be used almost anywhere on Earth. Be a part of history by participating in the Initial Coin Offering. By getting in early, youll have the chance to be the first in the world to hold Social coins. As more users join Nexus, the demand for Social will increase, while the total amount of coins will never exceed 50 million. Nexus is giving the power back to the people. Join us in this revolution.

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