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Social Networking Software to Make Facebook Clone


Mulling on the importance of social software? There are two essential reasons supporting it. The first one is that prior to be a seller or buyer of services and goods, an enterprise is first a participating member of an intricate network of market. In it, there are stakeholder relationships that have a huge influence over the long term success than its products and services. The second reason is that management institutions are not the center point of the universe where the employees revolve. While managerial best practices govern the employees work, the informal social associations that pervade a workforce has a huge impact over an organization’s future success than its managerial practices.

It is essential therefore to understand the important role that relationships and informal networks have on organizational success, if one wants to have a clear understanding of the social software. Social software is mostly considered as a complimentary component for being able to deliver applications that stimulate higher levels of contributions from the stakeholders that might have been disenfranchised by outmoded human capital management strategy.

Keeping all these concerns in mind, companies specializing in enterprise collaboration software have come up with innovative social software solutions that is a suite of sensible social applications set up especially to cater to a dynamic organization environment. The rich people profiles that these software applications have make it easy to connect with and discover people. At the same time, it has a team-based format that enables people to stay connected with multiple groups, expert communities and interest groups. It has been a proven fact that social software applications are helpful in discovering essential discussions, documents and resources needed to do a job.

Furthermore, social software applications come with mobile applications that are accessible through majority of tablets and mobile phones, such as BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows and many others. It allows people to get across to essential documents and discussions and be in touch with their groups.

Perhaps, the simplest but most effective, and often used tool in such enterprise social software is enterprise microblogging. It helps users to put together any important piece of data, whether it is informal or formal.

And the interconnectedness of people with people, and people with information makes such applications truly useful. For instance, it should be possible to link brainstorming discussions (ideation) to the appropriate projects (execution), gather continuous feedback through comments, polls and link back important work-in-progress documents to the core work area – be it a project or a discussion. Capabilities such as smart tags and search make it possible to mine all this data anytime.

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