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sites that might help you:, hello fellows, I’ll show you today how to how to make money on facebook and twitter icons png software using this method I’m able to get 200-500 of free clicks dialy in my offer. Buying ads on facebook, my cost per click was 30 to 60 cents. so every day I’m saving minimum 100$ and still get traffic from facebook. let’s go to details, what exactly is this method? I’m using Facebook groups. I’m searching all groups with high number of members with are related to my niche or those where any kind of advert can be posted. Next I’m joining them and post my offers in them every day. As any other methodthat you can find in interent this one also has some disadvantages, as same as advanced one about which I will tell you in few moments. But do not worry I am going to show you how to ssolvethose problems later in this video. More advanced method is that I am not directing people to my main offer but to my landing page, then they leave email address and are redirected to the offer. Even if someone does not buy at the first time, you can always send another offer by email in future. Advanced method requires your own domain, hosting and autoresponder but I think it is worth few bucks because the biggest value is in the people who are on your own mailing list. You can send them offers many times. You can buy cheap hosting and domain on bluehost, ehost, hostgator there are many inexpensive providers. next, make your landing page using some ready to use templates from internet, connect it to autoresponder service, getResponse is free for first 30 days. Those methods have one but crucial defect. When you go to FB and start searching groups, You have to spend quite a lot of time to find those whith hight number of members that are related to your niche or are universal and you can post offers of any kind. I spent on searching groups a lot of time but after that I was sick of it. I could not force myself to look any longer for groups. I was thinking about outsourcing it on or other platform but in one group I saw advert with offered that kind of services. There’re offering ready to use, universal money making groups list or custom groups finding based on my needs. I think it’s very good investment to save a ton of time. I’m really happy with their services. Till now I bought few lists from them and I had no problems. OK, I know that you may wonder if those FB Groups are not spammed? the answer is “YES”, FB groups are spammed, but why? Because this method is working. If it didn’t work people wouldn’t spam them. Even though these Facebook Groups get spammed they have legit members. Another objection with could appear is that you must spend a lot of time to post on those groups. There is a solution to solve that problem too. There are a lot of autoposters that can post on groups for you, 24 hours per day 7 days a week. They come and go. Just do little research on search engine to see what works best right now. You might wonder why I am sharing this mthod? When I started making money on internet someone helped me and now in return I would like to help you. Ok, I think now it’s all clear.

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