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Social Network Advertising Isn’t Paying You

Everyone’s cashing in but you – More reference links from the video – Starting with an article by TopNetworkersGroup on Business People who Don’t know Business It’s often the simple ideas in life, that can make us the most money. You and I are generating Billions of dollars for social network sites and None of them are paying us a dime. They’re not even paying us a single red cent, not a penny. So it’s important for those of us in the network marketing industry to have an understanding of what TSU is offering us. This is a real way to generate money without asking people to ‘spend money’ – or to do anything ‘different’ from what they do already. In some cases, you are asking people to ‘do it’ in a different place. But people do this all the time. Many of you are using twitter, pinterest, Instagram, google+ and so many Other networks besides facebook. So being asked to use TSU is not a big deal. If you’re a network marketer you ‘should’ be referring people to this network; and you should be using it too. Why not? Social Network Advertising is generating Billions, and you could play a pivotal role in helping TSU generate Billions, which, unlike Other networks, they will share with you. Learn more – Social Marketing that Pays You – I also highly recommend that you learn HOW to use social network sites, effectively Especially if you’re a network marketer. Watch our free training, Social Networking For Money @

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