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Social Media Statistics UK and World Wide ( including Internet stats ) In 2009 there was 1.7 million social media users in the UK which has exploded to more than 42 million users by the end of 2017. We are going to look at some of the most startling social media statistics in the UK for 2018. Hi, its Ciaran from and lets get right into the detail FIRST LETS LOOK AT GENERAL INTERNET USE 99% of all adults aged 16 to 34 years were internet users in the UK, compared to 41% of adults aged 75 years and over. The over 55s are showing the highest level of internet adoption in the UK in recent years. But there are regional differences – Northern Ireland has the lowest internet use in the UK with only 84% 2017 No surprise London is the region with the highest amount of internet users at 93%. Scotland and Wales both have 87% of adults using the internet regularly. 22% of disabled adults had NEVER used the internet in 2017. 1 in 10 adults have never used the internet in the UK a total of 4.8million people. 4 hours is the average time spent using the internet per day in the UK on Desktop/Laptop compared to 1hr 47 mins on a mobile device. NOW SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN THE UK 64% of the UK population use social media accounts at least every month ( The Global average is 37% ) The UAE leads the world with 99% social media use. 11% more people used social media in the UK this year compared to last year and we spend 1hour 48 minutes is spent on social media every day compared to 4 hours 17 mins in the Philippines, 2 hours 6 minutes in the United States and just 40 minutes in Japan. 82% of UK individuals use mobile phones compared to Spain with the highest use in the world at 88%. The global average is 66%. In the UK Facebook is by far the most popular social media with a market share of 74% . YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Reddit all make up the chasing pack. Facebook owns 2 of the most popular social networks with the Facebook site itself and the Instagram App, but if we include communication apps Facebook also has Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. Globally Facebook has 2 billion users, Instagram over 800 million users, WhatsApp has 1.2 billion monthly users and over 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook messengers worldwide. Facebook owns communications globally! Facebook is most popular in the UK with 25-34 year olds. Instagram in the UK has more than 20 million users mostly in the 18-24 and 25-34 age group. Only 15% of UK Instagram users are over 45 years old. LinkedIn has named London as the most connected city in the world and 1/3 of the UK population have some sort of profile. The average UK person has 144 connections the 4th most connected country in the world. Twitter is expected to have over 17 million users in the UK in 2018 with more than half of users expected to be age 34 or older. Pinterest users in the UK are around 85% female and 57% of UK Pinterest users are through mobile, but males are a growing group. 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest! Snapchat users are in the 12-17 and 18-24 age group while use in older age groups is growing. It is estimated that in 2017 Snapchat will have around 13 million or 1/3 of all UK smartphone users using the app. Why not share this on your social media and add your thoughts in the comments below. Visit us at for more information on social media statistics from around the world.

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