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social media ? . Social media & networking benefits and disadvantages in Hindi, Urdu. There is not doubt that social media websites have many benefits. But as the old saying goes excess of everything is bad. So excess of using social media websites and social networking apps have disadvantages and can harm people. Ifactner discusses different ways that social media websites are impacting negatively on people. The discussion is done in Hindi and Urdu for letting Indians and Pakistanis the pros and cons of social media websites. You may also be interested in : Difference between web designing and web development in Hindi / Urdu What is MIS – Management Information System in Hindi | Manager of Information systems in Urdu and What is client server computing in Hindi / Urdu Static website vs Dynamic website – What’s the difference | Web development & design in Hindi, Urdu Ifactner also explains the responsibilities of MIS managers i.e., Manager of Management Information Systems and Management of Management Information Services in Hindi and Urdu languages. Information Technology IT and Information Technology Management ITM in Hindi, Urdu Please follow Ifactner technical on my website at Thank you for participating in Social media pros & cons | | .

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