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Social Media Predator Software In Action Against Florida Candidate

So after my 3rd 30 day ban for things benign, like a comment stating “Some people should get a life”. I was back on Facebook. While posting some political content shortly after receiving an odd message on messenger (probably how they got in), I was told I needed to secure my account. Thing is the text codes do not work. The audio phone call did not either. I am still getting notifications, and could still use messenger for a while. I could even see my feed and surf a few pages before, what I believe was, the predator software overlaying the screen again.This video document this latest attack on us in a cyber war lasting 2 years now. I am a candidate for Florida House of Representatives, nd a state officer in the 3rd largest political party in the US. This is criminal interference with lawful electioneering. While locked out of my account, they unpublished my campaign page, and others. It is not Russia. We already identified a leftist hacker named Mike Gogulski, who was working with Paul Stanton to hack us. Gogulski runs a bitcoin laundering service in Slovakia, and his principal clients are child porn consumers/distributors. He works with the leftist/ANTIFA pedophiles I have been exposing in the LP. It cannot be a coincidence the renewed attacks come as I have been investigating the global network of child predators that run in political circles, who are likely his clients. Any help fighting back or increasing our effort to break this ring of child rapists and murderers, and to help my election in Florida, is appreciated. Contact me at:

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