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Social Media Marketing Toronto (437) 886-5899 – Not Optimizing Your Content, You May be Missing Out!

Social Media Marketing Toronto (437) 886-5899 FREE Social Media Audit: How much business are you currently missing out on by not reaching your fans and new customers on Social Media? Imagine if that same content was ranking in the real Google Search Engines! At Gridloc that’s what we do. We leverage the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your message to your dedicated fans and potential new customers. Most advertising “agencies” don’t put any focus on the ranking side of things, they just focus on the content. We do both! Another key feature is that we do everything ourselves. We don’t outsource and we don’t have a bunch of extra expenses from having the needless overhead that doesn’t benefit you! You’re getting the same (or better) advantage than the big guys get a fraction of the price! Although we do specialize in Social Media Management we also offer Web Development, E-mail Marketing, Sales Funnels, and basically everything Digital. If you’re are looking to take your business to the next make sure you take full advantage of our FREE Social Media Audit. No pitch. No Presentation. Let’s have a talk about your business Social Media needs! Social Media Marketing Toronto Social Media Definition by: WiKi The use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Most of these social media platforms have their own built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns. Companies address a range of stakeholders through social media marketing including current and potential customers, current and potential employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public. On a strategic level, social media marketing includes the management of the implementation of a marketing campaign, governance, setting the scope (e.g. more active or passive use) and the establishment of a firm’s desired social media “culture” and “tone”. Twitter Twitter allows companies to promote their products in short messages known as tweets limited to 140 characters which appear on followers’ Home timelines. Tweets can contain text, Hashtag, photo, video, Animated GIF, Emoji, or links to the product’s website and other social media profiles, etc. Twitter is also used by companies to provide customer service. Some companies make support available 24/7 and answer promptly, thus improving brand loyalty and appreciation. Social Media Marketing Toronto Facebook FB pages are far more detailed than Twitter accounts. They allow a product to provide videos, photos, and longer descriptions, and testimonials as other followers can comment on the product pages for others to see. Facebook can link back to the product’s Twitter page as well as send out event reminders. As of May 2015, 93% of businesses marketers use Facebook to promote their brand. A study from 2011 attributed 84% of “engagement” or clicks to Likes that link back to Facebook advertising. By 2014, Facebook had restricted the content published from businesses’ and brands’ pages. Adjustments in Facebook algorithms have reduced the audience for non-paying business pages (that have at least 500,000 “Likes”) from 16% in 2012 down to 2% in February 2014. Instagram In May 2014, Instagram had over 200 million users. The user engagement rate of Instagram was 15 times higher than of Facebook and 25 times higher than that of Twitter. According to Scott Galloway, the founder of L2 and a professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, latest studies estimate that 93% of prestige brands have an active presence on Instagram and include it in their marketing mix. When it comes to brands and businesses, Instagram’s goal is to help companies to reach their respective audiences through captivating imagery in a rich, visual environs.nment. Moreover, Instagram provides a platform where user and company can communicate publicly and directly, making itself an ideal platform for companies to connect with their current and potential customers. Social Media Marketing Toronto #Social Media Marketing Toronto social media agency,social networking agency,social marketing firm,social media promotion services,social media agency toronto,social media toronto,social media company,social media marketing agency toronto Facebook: Twitter: Watch and Share:

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