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Social Media Marketing – Facebook Advertising & Google Plus Ownage

If you’re asking yourself what is better marketing…social media or digital? You’ve got the wrong idea, all together. You need both to be successful among your Internet audience. They are both different but together, can be used to a great advantage in branding yourself.

Let’s explore the differences by starting with digital marketing: Digital Marketing involves the use of banners, pop-up ad’s and search engine marketing to get your brand across to a large audience. Think of it is the mother to social media marketing. You must, in both approaches, find your audience and then find what channels they are using so that you can market yourself effectively. If women ages 18 to 25 are frequenting a specific site, and that is your target audience, get your ad on that site. It’s very simple, but it takes research and work to market effectively.

Then we have the baby, social media marketing. It’s not really at an infant stage anymore because the trend of social media marketing has exploded on the scene with the emergence of Facebook and Twitter. With that said, it is important to know how to use this marketing approach effectively. You cannot simply build a Facebook page and expect people to flock to it. It is a social website which means you will need to socialize with your audience by engaging in conversations, seeing what people are most interested in at the time, and getting them to engage in your company. This takes effort. It does not happen overnight by adding a few icons to your page. With all the competition out there, people are swarmed with ads and brands asking them to follow or like their page. Give them a real reason to pick you over your competitor. The best way to do this is to study all aspects of each approach. Know your audience, know what they like and build a relationship with them so they will remain loyal customers, because word of mouth advertising doesn’t hurt either.


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