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Social Media Management Bristol – Here at First Page Advertising our aim is to promote to social media for you so you have more time to concentrate on your business. Social media management can be very time consuming and yet it is very powerful way to market your business. At First Page Advertising we will promote your business to various social networks each week for you.Many people ask, “Why in the world would I want to use social media? What does it have to do with project management?” Here are some of the ideas we want to share with you to see how social media actually is enhancing and elevating project management, specifically the planning. Why would we even be interested in social media for project management? Number one, it’s like why would we do that, the benefit. Here’s some of the benefits that we found is number one, you glean insights, insights from others worldwide who had been there, done that. Sometimes we work within project environments where people haven’t experienced the project we’re trying to do or maybe some of their approaches especially in planning. We get to leverage the insights from others worldwide. Number two, ideas. We get to glean new approaches from people who have done things that are tried and true. We get to request, request special resources that may not be available to us in our environment, but if we cast a wide net worldwide through social media channels, we can ask for specific resources who have done the things that we’re trying to do and they may be available where they may not be available in our current environment. Also, relationships. We found that we can begin growing and nurturing relationships that if we don’t utilise them now or leverage them now, we might be able to for future opportunities. You never know where your next big opportunity may come and it may be just through these channels. Also, experiences. By connecting with people worldwide, I mean literally I have connections in so many different countries, so I began to be able to globalize myself. I actually have conversations with people and emails back and forth, what do you do and how do you do it. I get to experience people from their culture and see how not only they do things from a work approach, but we get to exchange information on a personal level about family and activities and what does someone do in a different country. These are very valuable things that we can bring to our project planning process. What are the steps? How would we even go about doing this? Many people even have never tried social media. Maybe they don’t get it. It’s like why in the world would I do that? I don’t understand why people would tweet. What can I get in 140 characters? Here’s how you set things up or here are the steps. You set up, you learn, invite, connect, and more importantly, contribute. Contribute value added information, tips, tools, and techniques, things that you’ve found that are helpful. It’s not only about just getting information, just going out and being the taker of the information, it’s giving. It’s paying it forward, paying forward value to others who may not have experienced what you have. In the end, what do we glean from this? What are the results? We think there are three primary things that you gain here. Again, it’s enhancing and elevating your project planning. It’s also managing projects differently and also improving project results. We find those three things are worth value. These have been things that have helped us in our project planning and how we view social media and we’re hoping some of these tips will help you, too. If you’re looking for ways to bring social media to your projects and help your project planning, then contact us today at Social Media Management Bristol

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