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Social Media for Photographers – How to Market your Photography Business – Photography Marketing

Are you a professional photographer that needs to increase your social media presence to boost your business? Are you a semi pro or amateur photographer who wants to start making money or who is ready to start a photography business and become a full-time professional photographer? Learn how to market your photography and boost your photography brand with practical photography marketing tips and advertising advice. Marketing For Photographers is my new series of videos designed to help you navigate social media, build a great photography website, establish a solid pricing structure and increase your photography business. This video is about the social part of social media for photographers. By being social and participating in conversations and sharing knowledge I am able to increase my social currency. Social Currency is important because without it – you are just shouting and nobody is listening. How do you build social currency for your photography business? Start with GREAT Photographs. That doesnt mean that if youre a beginner you cant post it simply means only post your best. There is nothing worse than the photographer that posts 20 images of the same shot. Only one of them is the best which means all of the others arent! So dont post them. Provide CONTENT and CONTEXT. It is not enough to just post an image. Tell a story. Give some background. Sell it! Dont kid yourself into thinking that people actually care about your photography. If they arent the person in the photo – they dont care about your photography unless you give them a reason to. If you are a portrait or wedding photographer, when you post the image, talk about how much fun you had with the subject, how wonderful the wedding was, or how thrilled you are that you had a chance to spend time with this wonderful person. Comments like this make prospective customers think you are actually a nice person and would be fun to work with. Be consistent. Post on a regular basis. I would encourage you to post a minimum of twice a week on every social media platform that you are involved with. It doesnt always have to be pictures. It could be a cool quote, a link to an interesting article, it could be a short story about an experience or a thought that you had. If you are using social media to build your business this is extremely important and in the next video, I will give you some info on tools that will help you automatically generate content for your posts. Social Engagement. Make sure you reply to all comments and messages. Start conversations. Ask for opinions and feedback. I try to respond to every single comment someone leaves me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. At a minimum, I am sure to like the comment. Here on YouTube, I respond with a comment on each and every comment that is left on my videos. The company that I use to host website ( Managed Wordpress hosting from Siteground: Plans starting as low as $3.95 per month. The company that I use for my portfolio website ( Websites for Photographers @ Plans starting as low as $6.00 per month. Use the link above to receive your first month FREE SUBSCRIBE so that you dont miss NEW VIDEOS! PATREON Help me HELP YOU: or donate via PayPal: MY WEBSITE & BLOG WANNA SEE MY GEAR? SHOP FOR TOGSWAG MODELS SHOULD VISIT LET’S CONNECT! – Like & Follow on FACEBOOK: – Follow on TWITTER: – Follow on INSTAGRAM: – Check my boards on PINTEREST: – Connect on LINKEDIN: – Connect on GOOGLE+: FTC Disclosure: This video is sponsored by the domain extension .Space. Jpegmini has also provided free software in exchange for my discussion and has provided free services in exchange for a mention in the description. Links to are affiliate links that support this channel.

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