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Social Media: Adults vs. Teens!

The other night ago I was in bed and couldn’t sleep, and I thought of how different social media was between parents/adults and teenagers. Ever since then I wanted to film this video, so I did! In this video I am showing 4 comparisons of adults vs. teens on social media. I hope you enjoyed! If you did enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up so I can film more videos like this one! Lets see if we can get this video to 35 thumbs up! If we can that would be amazing ;)) Also comment down below any questions you have for me, and it might be featured in my Q&A! (It will be up in 2 weeks) You can also comment down below anything you’d like, and I’ll try my best to reply to it! If you enjoy my videos and want to see more of them, please hit the subscribe button. It would make my day! LINKS// Last weeks video/ Announcement video/ Hope you enjoyed, See you in next Tuesdays video! XOXO, Audrey C.

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