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There are a lot of social media sites over the internet today. It is important to pick out the most popular media sites. Picking out popular media sites will definitely help you in business or company’s advertising needs.

These are the top sites or the most popular social media sites of 2012:

1. Facebook
Facebook as we know it is widely used with over 150 Million users around the globe. Having a Facebook integrated on your website is very important because people can get across your company’s fan page anytime. It also helps with customer interaction because the pages provide you with forums. There is also a Feedback page where clients can see what brands are liked and tested by other customers.
2. Twitter
Like Facebook, we know that Twitter is an important tool because it helps with advertising. It is a good communication service too that helps you a lot in getting a new prospect. It is fast and effective with a quick “Follow” button.
3. YouTube
YouTube is more of entertainment. It is also a place where you can learn different tutorials of any kind. You can learn cooking, making web pages, hosting web sites, building your own businesses just by listening and watching on different YouTube personal channels by people who created them. You can also make your own channel and upload your set of videos that you would like to advertise over the internet.
4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is also important for building out your reputation. All these social media tools drive web traffic to your website.

The deal on how to advertise our programs depend on what type of company we have. Our company might be a small online business, an online shopping mall or it could also be a nonprofit organization that we would like to have a wide range of advertisement throughout the World Wide Web. It could also be an internet or home based business, an online magazine or newspaper.
Integrating social media into our web site is very important to gain page rank on Google too. The higher the page rank we have on our business web site, the higher customer we get.

There are a lot more tools out there that are greatly helpful. All you need to know is where to find them. You should try researching and checking out different company web pages. This is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

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