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Social Headhunting : The Fastest Way To Build Any Network Marketing Business

During this video Max Steingart demonstrates a new secret weapon for network marketers and Social Headhunting. This can help you kick off 2018 with explosive growth so you can surpass your goals and expectations next year. It will guarantee you make more money faster on Facebook and LinkedIn. The people that become Social Headhunter’s will get richer faster and have an unfair advantage over their competition. Social headhunting is the process of: 1. Identifying a very specific demographic profile of your best customer or business building prospect 2. Reaching out to them directly on Facebook or LinkedIn (following a very carefully crafted script) 3. Developing a relationship with each person you contact 4. Moving them to action (buying something, setting up a phone consultation, getting on a sales call, etc.) Social Headhunting can be done on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. The people that use this new secret weapon will get richer faster and have an unfair advantage over their competition. If you’d like to experience explosive growth and immediate duplication than share this with members of your team. Social Headhunting will be a major game changer for your business. Stay ahead of your competition and order ‘Endless Free Leads in a Mobile World’ at: Learn more about other social media training programs by Max Steingart by visiting:

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