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Social Education Network Website in PHP Part 6 || Create Testing file

1. Social Network layout. 2. Social Education Discussion platform. 3. PHP urdu/hinid tutorial. 4. Css3 urdu/hindi tutorial. 5. PHP advance tutorial. 6. HTML, CCS3 and PHP free layout urdu/hindi. 7. Advance HTML5 and PHP video online tutorial. 8. Create testing file for website. 9. Test services of xampp. Dear student from this video we will create a test file and check in our browser. For learn create social education network website in PHP from beginning to advance so watch this video and learn step by step in urdu/hindi language by Zain Noori. provide you free online computer courses here you can learn free computer courses and can get job in your city and your country and prove your self… Thanks for watching. By Zain Noori for more information Cont:0334:8211525 0308:6218225

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