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Retargeting Vs. Remarketing – Facebook Ads // Social Media Marketing

Targeted Facebook Ads can be money, but have you tried retargeting? What about remarketing? I explain the difference and how you can utilize both tactics with Facebook Ads. This is Buffalo Digest Day To Day Episode 116: Retargeting Vs. Remarketing – Facebook Ads. My name is Nik Metcalf and I do social media marketing and advertising through my social media marketing agency Buffalo Digest. I specialize in influencer marketing, content marketing and online advertising in Western New York. Buffalo Digest is the best social media marketing platform in Buffalo because of our in-house network of over 85,000 social media followers in the WNY area. In this video I explain how to run retargeting ads on Facebook and how to remarket to your custom email list audience using Facebook Ads. Intro Song: Halfway There – Party Shirt ft. Matthew Steeper

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