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Regulate Social Media and Online Monetary Transfer Companies to Protect Free Speech

Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share! Given that social media and online monetary transfer companies have banned based on ideological grounds so often, I recommend consumer protection regulation preventing these companies from banning people for ideological positions. People like Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopolous, and others are great examples of ideological bans. NOTE: Some reasoning I forgot to include is that breaking up social media, the typical response to monopoly issues, wouldn’t be a viable option because it would just make social media worse. Social media tends to get better and more powerful with more people on the network. I also think that by regulating companies preventing them from ideologically de-platforming people, these companies will be given an out to outside pressures since they can just point to the law. Without a law preventing ideological de-platforming, outside pressures can force companies into de-platforming to limit damage to their company.

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