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Many managers of marketing are reluctant to use social networks for one simple reason … there are a positive answer to the immortal phrase of the film Jerry Maguire: Show me the money!
And to be completely honest I must say that they have a point. To date, there is often possible to cite successful cases in the use of social media when compared with other more traditional ….To add more arguments should be pointed out coldly that measuring ROI in social networks is still not as straightforward as it seems and there is no universally-structured methodology and much less defined.

Nonetheless it should be noted that while the ultimate goal of marketing is to generate profits, they do not always mean money. Having said this, we noted seven benefits that social media can give the marketing business, which could subsequently make tangible benefits that ROI so desired.

1) Connect with potential customers
Not necessarily a person entering a store or visit their site for the first time you are buying, however, we like to do because we know it becomes a potential customer and could soon be captured. When we engage in social networks, each follow, each I like, each recommendation, it means a potential customer.

2) Customer Service
How many times have spoken to a number of customer service responds ironically a machine? Well, the social networks are taking that role and it is better to have someone to answer because if not, handle a crisis can become very risky, just ask Nestl and its KitKat chocolate.

3) Public Relations
The most valuable intangible asset for a brand is your corporate reputation. A brand that can talk face to face with society and give an immediate response minimizes the risk of seeing their prestige and potentiates tarnished his image.

4) Human Resources
Social Media is not limited to Facebook and Twitter, is a network Tonga out there, and although they like many could be classified as entertainment networks, LinkedIn is a professional network and begins to be much more effective when headhunters to find talent that traditional recruiting systems. Moreover, even in the leisure, knowing the relationships generate profiles of the people become an invaluable resource for the area of HR.

5) Loyalty
We’re back to the flea market. Women used to go to market because they knew their butcher, the vegetable woman, the man in the grocery … trust their recommendations and come back every week to buy their products. With social media will be the same, while consumers feel closer to their brands, have more confidence in them and therefore more loyal. Not to mention that currently there are already many loyalty programs that make good use of social media.

6) Market Intelligence is
Is market intelligence gathering system information relevant to a company in their niches, opportunities and consumers are done with her strategies and decisions. Play every day what our customers say potential captive followers of our competitors and even our critics, today becomes an extraordinary tool and updated for this purpose.

7) Promotions
As mentioned, many brands now and start to use social networks to run promotions that enhance their loyalty programs; likewise they have become an excellent channel for information on offers, sales, night, auction, etc.

As you can see, it is true, perhaps the social media at the moment is not generating the ROI that many marketers dream but it is simply a matter of time before it starts. What is real is that it is a tool that any professional marketing can stop using it … and soon will show us the money!

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