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Positioning And Competitive Strategy Activity Inside SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR ENTREPRENEURS Part 0

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR ENTREPRENEURS TUTORIAL The life of an Entrepreneur can be very hard at the beginning of the | | journey, especially if you don t have a budget for large promotions to | | get your brand out there and start selling. That’s why I’m here to help! | | | | I started my journey with Social Media working at digital campaigns for | | large brands in the movie industry. After that, I helped lots of | | entrepreneurs and start-up businesses establish an online presence and | | increase their sales. These two completely different experiences taught me | | how to use Social Media to turn any product into a BLOCKBUSTER. And | | that s what I m going to teach YOU with this course. | | | | At each lecture you will be one step closer to success; I will teach you | | how to complete your Social Media Strategy for your brand and will provide | | you with 3 fundamental, ready to use FREE templates: the templates for | | your editorial plan, your editorial calendar and your analytics report. | | You won’t find these materials ANYWHERE ELSE! | | | | We re also going to discuss an amazing case study. Not the boring, | | Academic examples about Apple, LEGO or Samsung, we ll see how one | | specific movie became superhero in Social Media and what entrepreneurs | | like you can learn from it so YOU can become a SUPERHERO in your industry | | too! | if you did’nt find other part please check playlist on my channel

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