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PLOTCON 2017: Sam Tyner, Social Network Model Visualization

Model visualization (model-vis) is a novel tool that can help us better understand advanced statistical analyses (Wickham et al 2015). In this talk, I’ll apply the principles of model-vis to social networks and their models. Some questions I propose to answer are: What exactly is the “data space” of a social network and how can we view models for social networks in that data space? How can we explore multiple network models in a collection simultaneously? And, what visualizations are available to us to better understand the algorithms used to fit these often incredibly complicated models to an observed social network? Biography Sam is a PhD candidate in Statistics at Iowa State University, where she works with Heike Hofmann on statistical graphics, visual inference, social network visualization, and on human factors in forensic statistics. She is also the co-founder and co-organizer of R-Ladies Ames, and the co-author and maintainer of the R package geomnet.

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