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Hey everybody it is Sharon from doctor business builder. I wanted to talk about passive income. Do I believe in passive income? I’ve said it before in other videos. I don’t believe in passive income unless you’re born into a very rich family You have a trust fund.

There isn’t a thing as passive income as far as I’m concerned. Do me a favor Show me in the comments below this passive income So you need to have some money right? Well you need to work It’s either good that you’re gonna have money to create this money makes money is the bottom line, right? They can put it into a savings account you can do Interests CDs stock market which is always a little risky but over the long term. It’s a good investment You can do real estate you could There’s no you don’t want to be bothered like with rentals and whatnot There’s definitely companies out there that will manage your real estate all of that takes money So yes, you can develop passive income from it But it takes money to start then the other option is time you put your time into something that’s going to allow you to develop Passive income.

Well, one of the first things that come to mind is network marketing right you build up a team Do you like network marketing maybe network marketing isn’t for you. But there are definitely different ways to do it I’ve done it before I’m gonna do another video on network marketing and what you should look at when you’re looking at a network marketing team, but that would be one way of doing it and it definitely works. Nothing comes easy What are some of the other things well, what are your skill sets right.

Are you a teacher do you like to teach? What about teaching some classes online?

You can definitely do that. You could do a course so that would be another great thing that you can do and then you set it all up and Then from there, what you can do is that would be passive income It’s all gonna be automated you would do landing pages to it. You would tell people about it And then that would be all automated And then from there you can develop a passive income But it definitely is work, to begin with, if you want information on setting up a course. I can definitely help you with that What are some other things that you can do? Well, you can set up like systems in place whether it’s going to be teaching or courses or books Basically informational products you put it out there You get the people, you know, whether it’s through paid traffic or you have a following and then people buy from it Affiliate marketing you to something like a blog and if you do enough writing, well, people are gonna follow you on that they’re gonna go on your articles themselves and they’re gonna Click some links and it’s gonna in perhaps they’ll buy some products that’s considered passive income as well But it was worth getting there right you had to do blog you have to do the article YouTube channel, right?

I can put some links where you can go off and buy some products But I’m sitting here now talking to you about it It is definitely a little work and it’s um working all those systems you know in place, to begin with, but it is a great way and I Personally would always think multiple streams of income.

I think that’s the best way to go, right? Don’t limit yourself to just one thing. Don’t just do one job if you’re looking to retire early Are you looking for a better life? Stop your working too hard?

graphic designer

now then think of ways that you can make additional income and This sort of like passive income developing multiple streams of income is a way to go. At least I think so So that’s pretty much it today. I wanted to come on I wanted to talk to you about you know, what are the different ways that you can make income? Look out there see what other people are doing.

What the bottom line is What are your interest because if you’re not interested in it?

Yes, you could go online and learn about it You can even take some courses to teach about it, but you have to it has to be in your heart Sorry, it has to be in your heart That’s the bottom line because when it’s in your heart and you know, it means a lot to you it comes through and people are more likely to buy the other thing is to you have to establish relationships with people usually You can do some paid traffic but even paid traffic think about when you buy why do you buy usually buy if you know Know the person you know the company Something made you feel comfortable about buying so it was a really good deal You know They gave quality or there’s an established relationship all of those helped to make the sale and you something you need to work on So again, don’t limit yourself think about different products that you could possibly do I think personally informational products are the best because you don’t have to worry about you know Having a product and then having to ship it out there.

It’s all digital It’s downloaded or you send a link or you have a paid membership area. Lots of things that you can do I have like if you want to do an online magazine where you basically talk about your scum products And you know you give information there are great ways to do that It looks just like you know, I’ll I don’t know a graphic designer. Did it that spent many hours designing? It doesn’t take that long.

Just a matter of swapping out some pictures changing the text around and there you go You have an online magazine you can make it free that leads to other things to you know Build up a relationship kind of do it as an option we call it or you can put it in a paid membership Were you kind of lock-up that area? That’s again all about you thinking what else you can do with your life multiple streams of income Getting out there and actually taking action and doing it so many of us talk about doing things But do we really do it? Not all the time? So I want to hear about Europe’s passive income ideas just to go over it again banking great anything that requires money upfront banking real estate investing and then Informational products that’s what I would suggest as far as passive income.

All right, lots of courses out there Anything that you can do you’re not limited by any means So if you like this video Do me a favor. Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I will see you on another video. Thanks so much, bye-bye.

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