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Part 4 Social Media Marketing – Get Free Traffic Social Tools Part 1

I am at the MyMark Social Media Marketing Conference at the MGM in Las Vegas today and I’ve already learned some amazing things from our speakers. John Child started us out with a great segment about personal branding and how to create your personal brand. He went over several techniques and tools which we promote heavily as well. One new website he introduced was This website allows you to type your desired username in a box, click the chk button and find out whether or not that specific name has been taken on 152 social media sites. This is an excellent tool to research the username you would want to use consistently throughout your personal branding without going to each of these social media sites individually.

One other excellent tool John talked about is Google alerts. We use this at MyMark to keep track of information about our company, staff and keywords. You can adjust the settings on each alert so you can receive them multiple times a day, once a day, once a week or several other intervals of time. We have ours set up to receive alerts every day. This allows us to keep track of what information has been published about us and what we need to respond to. I also like this for our keywords because even if our published information isn’t coming up on the first page of Google results, I can see what content others are creating about our keywords in order to create more competitive and relevant content for our readers.

I will be publishing a blog post next week which will delve further into this subject. However, I also wanted to mention a topic that John brought up I feel is very important and all too often overlooked. When creating content remember to stay focused on creating content for the reader, rather than just another form of advertisement. Blog marketing should not be advertising. As John pointed out, I hear many professionals talk about their efforts in social media marketing. They tell me that their efforts have gotten them nowhere so I go back and read their blogs posts and they are all ad copy. Your readers aren’t searching for information about your ads. They want to find good, quality information they can use for purposes other than knowing where to purchase your product.

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