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I was tweeting about a problem one of My Blogging School students had playing a Jing video on Twitter after someone I admired had mentioned it as a good resource for free Video Capture. A few minutes later a fellow asks me a few questions on Twitter about my issue with Jing. Turns out he was in charge of the JingProject Video development team and he had found my tweet and wanted to enhance the product by solving the problem that I had with it.

The whole reason I spend time on social networks is to meet people that can influence others. By meeting a person who had control of a product, I was influencing the development of that product. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and thousands of others place you in a large sea of people, but you have the ability to pick out those who have similar interests to your own.

It is this ability that makes Twitter so powerful. With a search capability that lets you find keywords as they are mentioned, you can join hundreds of conversations that are talking about your favorite topic. By doing so, you show that you are interesting to those people and they can decide to follow you and engage you.

I had been using a tool called to broadcast messages to 30+ social networks and one of those, was adding text to the beginning of the message and truncating the end of the message, which sometimes made links unusable, because the url would be shortened and people would go to a 404 error page. I replied that it was only the Utterli posts that had this problem on Twitter and a few minutes later a fellow asked me what could be done to improve the utterli tweets.

I replied about the truncated links and he replied that he was one of the founders and that he was going to pass this information to his programming team. Without my involvement in the conversation, I would not have met this founder of utterli, and the problem would not have been brought to the attention of the programmers yet.

You must never make light of your ability to make a difference in a social networking world! The spirits you raise with a joke could save the life of someone who is contemplating suicide.

While not every communication you have within the world of social networks is life or death, you must always assume that you are going to reach someone who needs to read that message! People today are more fragile than ever and your help could be the difference maker in their lives! So don’t feel that the quote you send out is unnoticed, or that retweet unappreciated! It could reach someone who can make a difference in your life!

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