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New Social Networking Sites – Leafit Corp Call Mon 13th Jan 2014 This weeks call discusses the new changes to qualifying for the company matrix as follows: refer just 1 person and qualify for the first 3 levels of the matrix ($87/month) refer 3 people and qualify for ALL 9 levels of the matrix (potential $118,000/month) Also the monthly advertising package of $49.95 has been replaced with a new package costing $40! The yearly admin fee of $48 has been removed!! So, easy to describe….. ‘refer 1 person and qualify for 3 levels of the matrix’ ‘refer 3 people and qualify for ALL 9 levels!’ ‘$40 a month for your ad package which also gets you $40 added to your AV (associate value)’ Buy your advertising, allocate it to your websites, and away you go!! Sounds interesting? Contact me: Email: Skype: cappyhalbert Facebook:

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