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Network Marketing Tips: Should You Call on Leads?

Ever Thought About Lead Calling? Have you ever wondered if you should call on leads or purchase advertising to promote your network marketing business? I think this is a question that many people have once they’ve been in their business for a little while. They might have gone through their initial list of contacts. Or perhaps, are not sure exactly how to find new people. So let’s talk about it! Watch to get the scoop! Also for the Full Blog Visit ====== GET YOUR BONUSES ====== The 4 Key ELEMENTS to ATTRACTING PROSPECTS to YOU on Social Media: 10 Steps to Rank Advance! Would You Like My Closing Cheat Sheet? Visit: ===== Connect With Me on Social Media! ===== MLM Blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrist: Be Sure To Subscribe to this Channel! If this video was helpful — Like Or Share! Also drop a comment to let me know what you learned or if you have a topic you would like to here more about! ======== Who Is Summer Jeronimo? ======== – Summer Jeronimo is a sought after leader that has been featured numerous times in Success From Home Magazine, the Master Mind Event and on MLM Nation Pod Cast. – She helped create the first ever Company Specific Course for Network Marketing with John Maxwell. – Built a Network Marketing Organization of over 48,000 distributors that has produced over 56 Million in Volume – Helped over 24 Families Earn Six Figures Plus – And has shared the stage with top Leaders such as John Maxwell, Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins and more Are you looking for a way to make things go faster? Check out for Free Network Marketing Tips & Training

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