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Meet RTL – Social Media Marketing ( (digital market research & social listening) Hi were RTL Philippines! Were a digital research company. Our mission is to make information simple, useful, and actionable for high-level decision-makers. RTL believes that business is more about shared beliefs not profits and relationships are as important as results. We are your partners in the expanding and chaotic digital space. We listen for you in real-time. We sift, analyze and translate big data into simple, actionable information. We help you understand so you can make better decisions. RTL is a culture-centric organization with technological capacities focused on innovation, growth and simplified solutions. Solutions We Provide: 1. Market Responsiveness 2. Location Specific Research 3. Brand Image Monitoring 4. Competitive Study 5. 3rd Party Digital Audit 6. Trends Monitoring 7. Issues Tracking 8. Digital Ethnography 9. Campaign Specific Study 10. Bottom – Up Start Solution 11. Market Impact Study 12. Location Specific Engagement What we can do for you: 1. Base Research 2. Sentiment Analysis 3. Crisis Management 4. Content Study and Consultation 5. Profiling and Behavioral Study 6. Customer Service Audit 7. Campaigns and Promo Evaluation 8. Ad Hoc Research Listening is a vital part of social media marketing where you monitor conversations online related to your business. These conversations are already happening online, and all you need to do is find them. if you are the Modern Dave (King/CEO/VP/DIRECTOR/DIVISION HEAD) don’t hesitate to contact us at we will be more than happy to help you! Key Words: Social Media, Social listening, Social Media Marketing, Social Marketing, Social Media Coaching, Social Media consultancy, Social Media Advertising, Research, Online Research, Online Business, Online Social Media, Online Social Networking, Online Business Optimization, Online Marketing, Online Strategy, Online Advertising, Online Coaching, Market Research, Content Marketing, Content, Content Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Strategy, Content analysis, Data Management, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Crisis Management, Research and Development, real time monitoring, monitoring, social listening examples, social listening strategy, social listening hootsuite, social listening software, social listening Microsoft, social listening wiki, social listening companies, social listening platforms, examples of social media, content marketing examples, types of content marketing, sentiment analysis tools, sentiment analysis online, sentiment analysis example, daily sentiment analysis, sentiment analysis social media, Digital Research, Digital marketing.

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