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Managing Social Media | How To Get Out Of Your Head

Welcome back! Let’s have a real discussion about the effects of social media on our lives. Somebody in the audience asked a question about how to deal with the some challenges that have been coming up around the use of social media. We all know the benefits of social media, from being able to connect to anyone at anytime, building strong networks, sharing your message quickly and getting informed immediately. But, there are also challenges when it comes to the use of social media, especially to the younger generation. Watch as our guest asks pertinent questions facing not only youth today, but all people. Dr. Jim and Jodie talk about how to manage the new world of technology and use it to your advantage. We all want to be successful, but are we doing the things to ensure that we have a fighting chance to obtain our goals? Dr. Jim and Jodie talk about how to create more time in your life for what you really want, fulfill your dreams and be flexible enough to know when to change those dreams. For online courses and blogs: Tweetable Message: “I think that is where the creation of the show stemmed from. What is it that we can spark something inside of you that makes you want to take time for your self? Makes you want to fall back in love what your self, just being to find your self.”

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