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Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networking

Social networking websites have become one of the most popular developments in the world of Internet. This is an advent that has brought revolutionary changes in the way people communicate with each other. With such websites, users are nowadays able to connect and communicate with friends and acquaintances, quickly and effectively – even faster that real time communication. With networking websites, users are able to set up network of friends with whom they can share ideas, opinions, and all other interests. These features and ease of communication has made them an attractive choice for business owners too. Thus, various organizations are using networking websites to promote their products and services through social media. Some companies, however, even find enterprise social networking software for such effective lines communications.

This software for social networking helps companies to provide a common platform for their clients, consumers, employees, investors as well as the management. Thus, they are able to communicate effectively with each other. Being part of the same organization, sharing ideas and opinions among themselves helps the organization to function better as well as, the needs and requirements of the internal and external public is met efficiently. A business can greatly benefit from such a system. These ensure projects are accomplished fast with effective results. Thus, altogether this system can help to achieve the goals and objectives of the company effectively.

Some of the commonly used networking platforms used by companies for easy communication are listed below:

Instant messaging tools: these allow chat as well as video conferences. The employees, business partners, management etc. can communicate easily and quickly. Apart from individual communication, even groups of people can communicate easily. It is also a great way to expand the network of the company.

Discussion forums: This is a platform where anyone in the network can post comments, feedback, opinions, ideas and so on. Users can discuss the products and services that are being produced by the company.

RSS feeds: These are also referred to as Really Simple Syndication. These help users to share information and content easily. Network members can provide updates to each other about the status of projects, upcoming events, and similar information. RSS feeds also help to increase website traffic.

Apart from the above there are various other enterprise social networking platforms such as geo social networking, VoIP communication, etc. Business owners should seek help from reputable service providers who can provide proper consultation in setting up the right networking interface.

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