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Making a social networking site (Tutorial) | Day 5 | Starting the Search Bar

Sometimes, making new friends is a difficult and lonely experience. Especially if you’ve relocated someplace where the people are very different than you’re accustomed to. And, if you tend to be shy, it’s of course more overwhelming to try to meet new people in a public event setting.

Something that may help you is to know that you only need one new friend to have a profound impact on your life, and create world of new possibilities.

One new friend can introduce you to other people you may not otherwise have met. This, in turn, expands your social circle. Being introduced by a new mutual friend also makes it more likely that these additional friends will be interested in becoming part of your social circle. So, again, if you aren’t naturally at ease meeting lots of new people, try instead to make just one new acquaintance. This could make the process of expanding your social network a lot more approachable.

The other great part of meeting one new person is accompanying them to activities and places they like, which you might not otherwise have learned about. You could be introduced to a new bar or restaurant that you end up loving so much you return over and over. Or, perhaps your new friend is taking a class you’re interested in, or part of a local club or community you’d like to learn about. Well, now you have someone to accompany you to future social events, which will make them less daunting!

So, if you’ve relocated recently, and you want to create, or enlarge your social network, challenge yourself to attend a social event in the next week – any kind of event you like. While there, make a commitment to come away from it with one new contact, and get in touch with them. Then get ready for new experiences, new friends, and fun!

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