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Making a Social Media App: Episode 1 (Swift 3 in Xcode)

In this episode I am going to teach you the first step to making a social media app. One of the first steps to making your social media app will be creating a user sign in/ sign up method and in this video we are setting up user sign in. Making social media apps is very fun, so I am going to be making a series of videos about the process of making a social networking app step by step. If you can make this app it will look amazing on your portfolio for getting a job anywhere. If you have any questions on computer programming, or anything to do with programming please reach out to me on any of my social media accounts I would love to help. #the_kaseys Download Free Images Here: Source Code: Firebase Website: CocoaPods Getting Started Website: Firebase Pod: Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Twitter: GitHub:

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