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Look! Social Media Management Can Turn You Into a Monkey |

Does social media management turn you into a monkey? Not anymore! reate, adapt, schedule and publish content across multiple social media networks with one intuitive social media tool – ( * Enjoy easy UX/UI of! * Create, schedule and publish posts. Fast. Really fast. * Adapt content you create for each social media account in a click! * Know your publications history & see where the content holes are. * Add up to 10 images to one publication. * Attach UTM codes to your links to track results of your campaigns. * Gather frequently used together profiles, groups and pages into channels. * Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vkontakte and are available now. Google+, Reddit and Instagram are coming up! Manage all your social media channels at once! Sigh up now: Hey, its free! The video is created by #CROWDWORK []

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