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LinkedIn Expert – How To Get More Clients through Networking for Social Media Marketing Agency SMMA

Jimmy Coleman is an expert networker who utilizes LinkedIn to acquire clients for his business. He lives and breathes networking, and providing value for others. Show notes: 0:00 Intro 3:54 Simple ways to add value 9:15 Joe Soto, and Why Networking is so Important 10:51 How Jimmy got started with LinkedIn 12:20 Jimmy’s LinkedIn Tips 38:00 Why are you driven to connect people and network, and how do others cultivate that? 42:20 networking challenge Jimmy contact info: LinkedIn: Cell number: (540) 447-0814 Books: How to get a meeting with anyone – Stu Heinecke David and Goliath – Malcolm Gladwell 10x Rule – Grant Cardone The seven levels of communication – Michael J. Maher Mentioned Celebrity Names: Jerry Acuff – “Modern Day Dale Carnegie” Gary Vaynerchuk Grant Cardone Stu Heinecke Malcolm Gladwell

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