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Leafit – New social networking sites … Leafit – What is ‘it’?

Leafit – New social networking sites … Leafit – What is ‘it’? LEAFit explains what the new LEAFit APP is and how people should sign up now for a Free no obligation account in preparation for the launch of the LEAFit new Social networking site/ Platform on 15th Jan 2014. By opening a free account now, there will be huge advantages for members who later want to Monetize their postings and earn from down to eight levels deep from other LEAFit members also monetizing their postings when the APP is launched Autumn 2014. This new social network site will allow users to monetize their content, photos, etc, simply by tagging them and sharing them with their friends over all social networks. This can all be done for FREE by downloading the it app on release this coming Summer. Please join me here: leafit leafit review make money with social media make money with phone apps share pictures and make money new social networking sites free phone apps free mobile apps email: skype: cappyhalbert Facebook:

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