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Leafit New Social Networking Sites ‘LEAFit’ the business explained YouTube

Published on July 27, 2014 Leaf it The first Social Network to pay you for posting pictures! Watch this short video for details on how you can make even MORE money by connecting all of your friends to our free Social Network. Learn about the power of becoming an Associate Today! Monetize today your social media content by simply sharing your photos with your friends and social network contacts. The new ‘Leafit’ FREE phone/desktop app is definitely for you! Yes folks, you can make money with social media for FREE simply by installing this phone/desktop app and sharing your content on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram…. You will make commissions when other people in your social network purchase any of the products, shoes, computers, BBQ’s, cars, clothes, electronic products and just about any product you can think of! Contact me for more details here: Bardur Gunnarsson Skype: bardur.gunnarsson

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