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Keynote Speaker Martin Brossman – Social Networking for Business

Social networking nowadays becomes very popular. May be because of busy getting world where its becoming harder to meet with our old buddies but with the help of such sites all you do it add whomever you want and start sharing all your information, updates and wherever you want.

But beside availability of such sites the other most noticeable factor is accessibility. Todays are the fashion of multitasking phones like Android, Symbian^3 and iPhone etc., these devices make such sites accessible.

By not getting distracted our todays topic is which is another social networking app which supports both iPhone as well as Android. This is very interested and rare application with which one can freely capture and access images and videos at real time from multiple smartphones.

This application has come up with new idea where pictures are highlighted. Unlikely other social networking sites color are made such a way that pictures play more important role in connects each other rather than text.

Color Features:-

Multi-Lens came up with new technology known as patent-pending, this technology identifies and if you want it connect with nearby smartphones and share all the images and videos. This application delivers instant or you can also say direct sharing without requirement of any additional uploading application or anything else.

Visual Diary
Visual Diary is a great feature which saves your phone storage by storing all the datas on web. Hence, it also provides you an easy access from anywhere you want. Now with only storage capacity of color you can freely capture anything you want without even thinking about your memory card capacity.

Suitability has restricted public use policy where it stat that anything captured and shared with should be appropriate for every age. You can capture anything around you except adultery or too much violation, in sort picture that has decency.

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