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Jane Hart & Cathy Hoy -10 ways to use your Enterprise Social Network…- LT16 conference

Collaborative learning Most of us collaborate at work every day and learn from colleagues on-the-job. But throw some technology into the mix and the picture can blur and processes become over complicated. The key is incorporating the learning into peoples workflow. Easier said than done perhaps, which is why Jane Hart and Cathy Hoy will be on hand to share tips on how to make it happen in practice. Chair: Jo Cook, L&D Specialist, Lightbulb Moment 10 ways to use your Enterprise Social Network for social learning Jane Hart, Workplace Learning & Collaboration Advisor, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies Many organisations have now adopted an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) to underpin collaborative working in the organisation. The ESN offers both a place for teams and groups to learn collaboratively at work and an opportunity for L&D to integrate their own initiatives in the same platform. In doing so, they can now play a more significant part in inspiring, supporting and embedding social learning in the organisation. The 10 ways you can use your ESN for social learning The connection between social learning and social collaboration The differences between social learning design and social learning enablement What new skills are required to enable and support social learning? Working with line managers to build a social collaboration culture Enterprise social networking in practice Cathy Hoy, Senior L&D Manager, Europe, Coca-Cola Enterprises Social networking is a mainstay activity for many of us in our personal lives. But harnessing the same enthusiasm and adoption within organisations has proved challenging, with many ghost town scenarios haunting the corridors of the enterprise. Cathy Hoy shares her experience of using an enterprise social network to great effect within L&D. Cohorts meet in person and online, supporting each other through their learning journeys and the wider innate knowledge of staff is captured and shared across the business. Different platforms and their suitability for the enterprise Initial and ongoing engagement Social networks forming part of the learning journey Performance support and cohort continuity Promoting a culture of learning

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